Courses and Student Projects: April – December 2020 (Online)

During the current year (April 2020 to December 2020) RJMCEI faculty have been conducting their classes online. The courses completed during the induction term (Ph.D.) and the first and second terms are the following: They also guided the following student projects during this period.

Prof. Vijaya Sherry Chand

Doctoral Courses

  • Socio-political Contexts of Research in Management
  • Research Methods-1
  • Qualitative Research Methods in Education

Faculty Development Programme

  • Communication for Management Teachers

Prof. Kathan Shukla

Doctoral Courses

  • Applied quantitative techniques in Educational Research 
  • Research Communication

PGP Courses

  • Gamification, Technology & Learning Motivation

Student Projects Mentored


  • Ainul Mazumdar & V. C. Veenoth: How School Education in India is influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Yash Parikh: Leveraging modern technology for developing teaching aids to reflect Indian content


  • Shiv Dutt Barhat & Kabir Bansod: Factors contributing to high dropout ratio from the free formal education system

Prof. Devasmita Chakraverty

Doctoral Courses

  • Mixed-Methods Research in Education
  • Survey Development and Implementation 
  • Research Communication 
  • Higher Education in India 

PGP Courses

  • Designing and Implementing Surveys
  • Managing Self-Limiting Beliefs in Education and Training 

Faculty Development Programme

  • Enhancing Academic Visibility for Early Career Researchers 
  • Crafting and Publishing Research 

Prof. Ambrish Dongre

Doctoral Courses

  • Analyzing and Evaluating Education Policy (Ankur Sarin & Ambrish Dongre)
  • Quantitative Methods for Causal Inference in Social Policy (Ankur Sarin & Ambrish Dongre, offered through PSG )

ePGP Courses

  •  Experiments in Business & Policy Decision Making (Ambrish Dongre & Sandip Chakraborty, offered through PSG)